The Citadel
Leader The All-Mother
Inhabitants Vuvalini, War Boys, Refugees
Resources Green Stuff, Mother's Milk
Population Unknown

The Citadel is the stronghold of the Vuvalini.


The Citadel is a cluster of three rock towers that sit above an aquifer of relatively fresh water located in the West between the Bullet Farm and Gas Town.


Originally the aquifer was inhabited by a group of heavily armed men protecting the water resources. After Colonel Joe Moore's takeover the aquifer was rebuilt into The Citadel. When Immortan Joe fell, the Vuvalini claimed control.

Layout Edit

Each tower has its specific purpose:

  • Tower #1: Once the headquarters of Immortan Joe, this tower now houses the Vuvalini. Inside this tower there are hydroponic gardens, the milking room, and water dispersion control. Arguably the most luxurious part of the complex with a direct tap into fresh water, fruit & vegetables, milk, and also remaining bits of knowledge stored in books inside The Bio-dome vault.
  • Tower #2: Inhabited by what little of middle classes there is left. Various people with valuable skills live there which includes individuals with variety of skills, including mechanics, medics, etc. There is another garden growing at the top.
  • Tower #3: The working class of The Citadel lives there. Picked up from The Wretched and promised a better life they ended up being used as slave labor under the Immortan's control, most notably as Mill Rats used to power the elevator platform. They are still laborers, but conditions under the Vuvalini are far better.


The Vuvalini, the Milk Mothers, the Warboys, and a large population of The Wretched make their home in the Citadel.

Resources Edit

By channeling the water through the rock, the people of the Citadel have been able to irrigate some areas of the Wasteland in an effort to produce the Green Stuff. The Milk Mothers who reside within the Citadel also produce nourishment known as 'Mother's Milk'.

The Citadel no longer trades its fresh water due to increasing need for irrigation and supplies to its inhabitants. Additional water is shipped in from The Reservoir.